Neck wrinkles (Botox ⁄ Hyaluronic acid fillers)

Treatment of neck wrinkles

The necks of young women do not have wrinkles

Why is my neck so wrinkled?

Neck wrinkles appear when the skin and hypodermis get thinner and lose elasticity with age. The skin is hence filled with less and less tissue and the originally underlying straight platysma musclestarts to drift. The skin’s surface is then too small for the encompassing volume and the elasticity of the skin along the neck weakens. The neck becomes more and more wrinkled. UV-rays also enhance genetic predisposition.

Thread lifting the neck

The loosened skin of the neck that has somewhat slid forward can be non-surgically shifted back into place with Thread Lifting Here, the skin is tightened by anchoring threads under the skin behind the muscles of the neck.

Treating neck wrinkles with hyaluronic acid fillers

Treating facial wrinkles with hyaluronic acid is well known. But even a wrinkled neck can profit from an injection of hyaluronic gel. In contrast to the face, the skin of our neck is very thin. The injected hyaluronic gel is easily felt on the neck as opposed to under the thick layers of skin on our face. Treating neck wrinkles with hyaluronic acid-based fillers is generally more inclined to result in bruising or small hematoma than on other areas.

“Skin rejuvenation” treatments

Behandlung von Halsfalten mit Hyaluronsäure

Neck wrinkles should be treated three times at an interval of 4 – 6 weeks. A very thin but stable hyaluronic acid-based filler is very suitable. Thereafter, a touch-up once a year is recommended. The cost of treating neck wrinkles with hyaluronic gel is approximately 500 Euros* per sitting. In addition, the prominent neck bands can be relaxed with botulinum toxin. If using an anesthetic cream, treating neck wrinkles is usually not painful.

Rejuvenation with Botox

If the neck is not too saggy, which is usually before the age of 50, the prominent platysma bands can be relaxed with Botox®. This way the neck is smoother and appears tighter. The stringy looking strands of fiber increase with age and appear very strained when under tension.

*Price is individual and according to GOÄ.

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