Botulinum Against Sweating / Hyperhidrosis

Botulinum Against Sweating

Botox gegen Schwitzen / Achselschweiß

Sweat glands are innervated by the vegetative nervous system, ie sweating is controlled involuntarily. The nervous transmission to the sweat glands can be chemically hindered by Botulinum. This injection treatment for perspiration can stop excessive sweat from being swept, at least greatly reduced. The effect depends on the dosage and it can lasts for several months.

Botulinum toxin inhibits nerve signals on gland cells.

Why use Botulinum to treat excessive sweating?

Strong sweating and the visibility on shoulder and armpit make people feel unpleasant and embarrassing. Pronounced sweat edges in clothing are widely visible and create uncertainty. By normalizing the sweating with Botulinum, help our patients achieve a new safety and confidence in the public. This problem bother both women and men.

Effect of Botulinumtoxin against sweating

Botulinumtoxin acts directly on the nerve endings, which are responsible for the transmission of signals to the sweat glands. The cleavage of a protein (SNAP 25), which is necessary for the transmission of acetylcholinergic signals, leads to gland cells (here particularly sweat glands) none or less nerve impulses and less sweat. Sweating under the armpits is thus effectively and long-lasting.

Botulinum Injection for Armpit-Sweating

With the aid of very fine cannulas, the active substance is injected superficially under the skin of the armpit. The sweat glands lie in the hairy area of ​​the armpits.

Does the injection of Botulinumtoxin hurt?

The feeling of pain is individual. Since the cannulas that are used are very thin, the punctures are only partly perceived. The slightly acid Botulinumtoxin per se can cause burning, but slightly. If you are sensitive, an anesthetic will be applied to you before the treatment. After an approximate exposure time of 15 minutes, the treatment should be painless.

When should the sweat-stop effect occur?

The Botox effect against sweating will occur after about a week and will complete until the 20th day.

Does this anti-sweating treatment have side effects?

Due to the multiple Botulinumtoxin injections in the hairy armpit area, small skin injuries occur, but with a low risk of infection. Except small bruises, during the healing could occur few pimples. Botulinumtoxin should be dispensed for a few hours after treatment. There is no clue of systemic side effects after a botox treatment against sweating. The Botox effect is not of permanent duration.

How long does the effect persist against sweating?

The effect against sweating lasts up to six months or more. Until then most of the neuroprotein Botulinumtoxin has disintegrated, the nerve endings have then regenerated and the welding production increases again to your individual normal strength. Sweating then intensifies slowly and intermittently.

The change-over valve does not set up suddenly. The duration of the Botox effect against sweating is dose-dependent. Therefore the 100 units (Allergan units) with approximately 6 months effect is about twice as long as the duration of half the dosage. How long the effect of non-sweating persists also depends on the injection technique.

Is hyperhidrosis treatment with botulinum toxin dangerous?


What does this treatment cost me for against sweating?

The price of treatment of hyperhidrosis under the armpits costs about 500 € plus VAT. We calculate the price for an armpit because of the relatively large amount of Botulinum being used and its cost similar to the price for two facial regions. The price of Botox treatment for against sweating depends on the amount of Botulinum is being used. Less dosage correspondingly lasts shorter. A suitable Botulinumtoxin treatment can be agreed between doctor and patient.

For more information about the treatment cost, please visit our website for details.

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Does Health Insurance company cover the cost of against Sweating / hyperhidrosis treatment?

No, statutory health insurance companies do not take the cost of treatment with Botulinumtoxin against sweating because it is mainly an aesthetic treatment. A transfer of the cost by the private health insurance should be clarified in advance. If necessary, ask for a cost estimate for the submission.

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