Botox for the treatment of sweating / hyperhidrosis

Botulinum for excessive sweating

Botox gegen Schwitzen / Achselschweiß

Sweat glands are controlled by our vegetative nervous system, making sweating involuntary. Nerve signal transmissions to the sweat glands can be chemically hindered, making it possible to greatly reduce and sometimes completely stop extreme underarm sweating with a Botox® treatment. The effect lasts several months and is dependent upon the dose administered.

Botulinum toxin inhibits nerve signals to gland cells.

Why do patients treat excessive sweating with botulin?

Excessive sweating and visible underarm wetness can be uncomfortable and very embarrassing. Not only are pronounced sweat stains on clothing visible from a distance, but it also signals insecurity. By normalizing the sweating with botulinum toxin our patients regain greater confidence in public.

The effect of botulinum toxin to sweating

Botulinum toxin works directly on the nerve endings that are responsible for transmitting signals to the sweat glands. By splitting the protein (SNAP 25), that is responsible for transmitting the acetylocholine signals, the sweat glands receive none or very few nerve impulses and therefore secrete less sweat. Underarm sweating is then effectively reduced for a long period of time.

Botulinum toxin treatment for underarm sweating

A very fine cannula is used, letting the injection sometimes go partly unnoticed. The slightly acidic botulinum toxin may produce a burning sensation upon injection for a short moment, however. If you are sensitive or afraid that it might hurt, then we will gladly apply an anesthetic ointment prior to treatment. After an approximate 15 minute application time, the treatment will be relatively pain free.

Does the injection of Botulinumtoxin hurt?

The feeling of pain is individual. Since the cannulas that are used are very thin, the punctures are only partly perceived. The slightly acid Botulinumtoxin per se can cause burning, but slightly. If you are sensitive, an anesthetic will be applied to you before the treatment. After an approximate exposure time of 15 minutes, the treatment should be painless.

When should the sweat-stop effect occur?

The Botox effect against sweating will occur after about a week and will complete until the 20th day.

Does this anti-sweating treatment have any side-effects?

The small needle pricks to the hair bearing underarm area could lead to a minimal risk of infection so that bruising and/or pimples may appear during the healing process. Deodorant should not be used for several hours after treatment. Systemic side-effects after a Botox treatment for hyperhidrosis are unknown. The effect of Botox is not permanent.

How long does the effect last?

The effect of a Botox® treatment lasts up to 6 months or possibly longer. Until that point most of the neuroprotein botulinum toxin has broken down, the nerve endings have regenerated themselves and sweat production has gradually increased to its normal individual strength. Underarm wetness does not occur abruptly.
The sweating increases slowly and intermittently. The longevity of the Botox effect is dependent upon the dose administered. The longevity of 100 units (Allergan units) is approximately 6 months, being twice as long as half the amount would be. Longevity is also dependent upon the injection technique used.

Is an anti-sweating treatment with botulinum toxin dangerous?


How much does an anti-sweating treatment cost?

The cost of treating hyperhidrosis with botulinum toxin is approximately 500 Euro* plus tax. The price is based on the large amount of botulinum needed. A smaller dose with a shorter longevity at a lower cost can also be agreed upon.
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Will my health insurance cover the cost of treating hyperhidrosis?

Statutory health insurance does not cover the cost of treating hyperhidrosis because it is considered to be an asthetic treatment. Whether private health insurance covers the cost should be clarified beforehand. In this case, please ask for an estimate of costs to be provided to the insurance company.

*The price is individual and according to the GOÄ.

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