Earlobes (hyaluronic acid-based fillers)

Treating flabby earlobes with hyaluronic acid-based filler

Length of procedure:15 minutes
Hospital stay:ambulatory
Follow-up treatment:-
No exercise or sports:one day
Fee according to GOÄ:from 395€
Loose, empty earlobes show your true age.

Many women suffer from thin, sagging earlobes already at an early age. This is caused mostly by wearing heavy earrings. The earlobes then become flabby and loose. An injection of hyaluronic acid-based filler however, can plump them up again. The gel is injected into the earlobe after applying a local anesthetic, returning the earlobe to its youthful volume and giving it a slight lift. A stretched ear piercing then becomes smaller and rounder. Thereafter, you can return to openly wearing earrings and even stud earrings will no longer tip downwards. Because the earlobes cannot be moved through muscle activity, the filler will last a very long time.

Reducing stretched ear piercings

Ohrläppchenkorrektur bei schlaffen und leeren Ohrläppchen

During plastic surgery the ear piercing is literally cut out. After the scar has healed, the earlobe can be pierced once again. In cases of very stretched out earlobes, an operation is the most successful and lasting solution.

Injecting earlobes with hyaluronic acid-based filler can also reduce the size and stabilize the piercing. Wearing very heavy earrings should however, be avoided to if you want to have aesthetic earlobes.

Typical of treating earlobes

It is our experience that most earlobes require a relatively large amount of filler, which is often under-estimated. In this case, it is best to proceed with two sittings to avoid encapsulation of the hyaluronic acid-based gel after injection. The formation of such lumps is not permanent, however, and can be treated without influencing the end result.

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