Hylase / Hyaluronidase

Hylase Dessau®, hyaluronidase, is an enzyme which dissolves BDDE bonded hyaluronan-gel (so-called hyaluronic acid-based gel for cosmetic injections) into a non-viscous (watery) liquid. The dissolved hyaluronic acid can then be transported away out from the skin by the lymphatic system. The dissolved and watery hyaluronic acid can be pushed aside with your fingertips, returning however to its original position. Hylase works immediately but the elimination process takes a while. Not only hyaluronic acid-based gel but also swellings or protrusions from injections performed years earlier can be treated.

Does hylase also dissolve my body’s own hyaluronic acid?

An overdose is not to be under-estimated. The body’s own hyaluronic acid is subjected to a constant cycle of production and break down. Hylase should be very carefully used when treating a protrusion or swelling as a result of an aesthetic procedure. But in practice, hylase does not interfere with the body’s own hyaluronic acid

Does hylase produce more wrinkles?

After childbirth the previously tight tummy is no longer smooth and taut. This is also the case after successfully treating a long existing swelling of the face after a hyaluronic acid-based gel injection. Most swellings require a certain period of time (max. 14 days) before seeing results. Thereafter, it is possible to actively treat the area again.

How many units of hylase are necessary to dissolve hyaluronic acid-based gel?

This is where users’ experiences strongly differ. In our practice, we use hylase in very small doses, going in smaller steps to remove unwanted hyaluronic acid swellings or protrusions.

Hylase should always be on hand in case of an emergency!!

If during a hyaluronic acid-based gel injection an acute ischemia should occur, this is a medical emergency. Especially if a functional restriction of blood flow should occur, hylase must be administered immediately, ideally with the current injection cannula. Hylase must be kept refrigerated and should always be available at every treatment practice and/or workshop.

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