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What is micro-needling?

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Tired dry skin, flaccid skin and pigmentation spots are only some of the unpleasant side-effects or consequences of the aging process. These changes are most noticeable on our face, neck and cleavage because these areas are constantly subjected to harmful environmental influences. Stress, lack of sleep and poor diet are additional factors that contribute to premature skin aging. Micro-needling is an effective, natural method of facial rejuvenation, which activates the body’s own regeneration of refining and smoothing out the skin.

How does micro-needling work?

Length of procedure:60 minutes
Hospital stay:ambulatory
Anesthesia:local / ointment
Follow-up treatment:-
No exercise or sports:one day

Micro-needling pricks the affected area with a Dermapen, the tip of which consists of 12 sterile, very sharp fine needles. These needles microscopically puncture the outer layers of the skin, the epidermis and dermis. The resulting micro-wounds stimulate the body’s own self-healing mechanisms to repair them. As a result, blood flow and cell regeneration are activated and endogenous collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are produced. These three components are primarily responsible for smooth, fresh looking skin. Collagen fibers create the foundation of our skin, and due to their tensile strength and elasticity, are responsible for skin tone. However, this network of fiber building protein diminishes with age and wrinkles result. Through the regeneration of collagen the skin is strengthened. The fibroblasts are stimulated to create new hyaluronic acid which, due to its water binding capabilities, attributes to more volume and plump skin by retaining moisture and preventing dryness. The elastic fibers ensure more elasticity. Irritating the skin launches the regeneration process which improves blood flow, giving you healthier, fresher looking skin.

Areas of application for cosmetic-medical needling

With the help of this minimally invasive procedure a number of aesthetic problems can be addressed:

Classical areas of application are the face, neck and cleavage, as well as the thighs and buttocks.

What are the advantages of micro-needling?

Several hundred micro channels are created by puncturing the skin with a Dermapen, greatly increasing the skin’s absorption capacity of active ingredients. Specially applied intense treatments can penetrate deeper and therefore be better absorbed by the skin where they can have much more impact. Other methods of skin regeneration result in thinning of the skin (peeling), which can then react more sensitive to environmental influences. Needling in comparison, is a non-ablative procedure where the skin’s surface layers are not removed, therefore maintaining its thickness.
Micro-needling is an effective treatment that, by naturally stimulating cell regeneration, attacks several skin problems simultaneously. The positive effect of reducing wrinkles or scar tissue, or even lightning pigment spots, is accompanied by a radiant, elastic and firm complexion. It is suitable for all skin types and carries less risks than other rejuvenation treatments.

Treatment process

The skin is thoroughly cleansed with a light peeling freeing the skin of dead cells. The skin will then be disinfected and a local anesthetic applied to ensure pain-free treatment. After an application time of 20 minutes, the anesthetic is removed. The Dermapen needling attachment is only used once per treatment to guarantee the highest level of sterility. All desired skin areas will be treated with the Dermapen centimeter by centimeter to ensure even collagen production stimulation. The Pen is moved several times quickly over the surface of the skin. During treatment, hyaluronic acid is applied, which can be better absorbed through the micro channels into the deeper layers of the skin. The penetration depth of the needles can be varied during treatment from 0.5 – 1.5 mm depending on the skin, area and individual complexion. At the end of the treatment a calming moisturizing face mask is applied.

Fee1. Treatment2nd and 3rd treatment
Faceca. 130 Euro*ca. 170 Euro*
Neck and cleavageca. 130 Euro*ca. 170 Euro*

The entire length of treatment is approximately 60 minutes.

What to consider after needling

The skin will be red after treatment, comparable to a sunburn and may even be a little swollen. These visible irritations normally subside after 48 hours. Irritating skin creams (containing alcohol for example) should not be used on the day of treatment. A light cover-up cream may be used a few hours afterwards if necessary.
Direct sunlight should be avoided the following week and a sunscreen or block used because the skin is quite sensitive. Visits to the sauna or the use of tanning beds should also be avoided.

How many treatments are necessary?

Micro-needling can be repeated several times. The amount and frequency of necessary treatments varies individually depending on the skin’s original condition and the results intended. For long-lasting results, 2 - 3 treatments at intervals of 4 – 6 weeks is recommended. However, if treating scarred skin, several more treatments will be necessary. In doing so, the scar tissue will gradually fill and the regeneration of new blood vessels will give the scarred tissue a fresher complexion.

When will the first results be noticeable?

Already after the first treatment your skin will feel plumper and firmer. Your complexion will seem fuller and more radiant. However, the end result can first be expected after several weeks because your skin cells need time to regenerate. With every further treatment the skin cells regenerate and your complexion will improve. Small flaws or unevenness such as tiny wrinkles, pigment spots or scars will disappear or be clearly reduced. For treating scars, several more treatments will be necessary at certain intervals.

Possible side-effects

Micro-needling is a low risk and very well tolerated treatment. By using the anesthetic ointment the treatment is pain free and the micro wounds normally close by themselves within a few minutes. Depending on sensitivity and the treatment area, redness and swelling can vary.
After approximately 2 days the redness will have subsided and the skin will start to lightly peel.

*The price is individual and in accordance to the GOÄ.

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