Lip augmentation / Lip modeling with HA filler

Lip enhancement with HA filler

Lip modeling – or lip lift?

Our Faceshop doctors are specialized in lip injections. The red of the lips can be enlarged or modeled with hyaluronic acid-based fillers by injecting along the contour of the lips, the inside as well as the dry rosy area of the lips. A lip lift is not only suitable for enlarging or modeling the lips but also for stabilizing upper lip wrinkles (smoker’s pucker).

An extreme lip augmentation is not an aesthetic lip enhancement.

After exceeding a certain size the lips look abnormally injected and unnatural. The lips then lose their natural appearance and natural unevenness. After a lip augmentation (lip enlargement), the same area may not necessarily be injected a second time at a refresher treatment so as not to change the lips’ original shape. We pay very close attention to naturally beautiful lips. Treating the contour of the lips with very little hyaluronic acid-based filler can have a significant effect. The structural crease on the contour should particularly be conserved, especially on younger lips. The philtrum (groove in the upper lip) is to be treated with utmost care, or better yet not at all. Lip modeling within the given anatomy is more natural and beautiful.

How long does hyaluronic acid treated lips last?

Length of procedure:20 minutes
Hospital stay:ambulatory
Follow-up treatment:eventually cooling
No sports:1 day
Fee according GOÄ:ca. 395€

Stable hyaluronic acid usually breaks down after a few months. This biological process is much slower on follow-up treatments than after the first treatment. However, many patients still profit one year after a lip augmentation. After getting accustomed to and fulfilling the desire for fuller lips, a repeat treatment after 3 – 6 months is realistic. Thereafter the gap between follow-up treatments is 9 – 12 months on average.

Does a lip augmentation hurt?

The anesthesia is conducted with two injections on the moist inside area of the lips. This way the augmentation should be relatively pain-free. Unless specifically requested by the patient, we advise against solely using an anesthetic ointment due to the insufficient elimination of pain.

Lumps, bumps and swelling after a lip augmentation

Lippenvergrößerung in Köln, Frankfurt, Dortmund - Lippen aufspritzen

The skin of our lips, especially the moist inside tissue, is very thin. The hyaluronic acid-based gel used is injected on the surface and is fairly stable. Marks cannot always be prevented after injecting the gel which is used to protrude the lip tissue. These bumps should lie unnoticeably on the red area of the lips. However, should a bump not show a tendency of reducing in size and/or eventually harden or turn into a painful lump, then the reason should be medically examined. These lumps are generally easy to treat until they disappear. However, this is only the case if the material used is hyaluronic acid-based filler.

Swelling, with or without bruising, usually disappears within 24 to 48 hours and can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. The swelling can also recede either symmetrically or asymmetrically..

Enlarging only the upper lip, or also the lower lip?

The upper lip is usually smaller than the lower lip. If the upper lip is thinner in relation to the lower lip, then a lip augmentation of only the upper lip is recommended. The natural proportions should not be reversed so that during the first treatment (with even lips) both lips be treated simultaneously. Usually the first lip augmentation is performed exclusively on the upper lip. Follow-up treatments can then include both lips. Fewer people have a smaller lower lip. In this case, the lower lip can be treated without treating the upper lip. We would be pleased to advise you on the fundamental aesthetic aspects of a lip augmentation in our Berlin, Frankfurt and Cologne offices.

Upper lip too thin or gummy smile?

Often our patients show us their thin upper lip while smiling. Not only does the thinness of the upper lip bother some patients but sometimes also the pronounced visibility of their gums while smiling. Such a gummy smile can be treated with botulinum toxin.

How much swelling can I expect after a lip augmentation?

Lips tend to swell. And after a lip augmentation the swelling can seem enormous. The swelling could be asymmetrical or recede asymmetrically. After a lip augmentation the lips may be cooled to reduce the swelling. However, directly after the injection compression should have priority to cooling. You will soon be socially presentable after a lip augmentation – especially if the injections were made with a dull needle. And you can generally be in the company of strangers immediately after a lip augmentation without being directly addressed. The maximum swelling can then be expected on the morning of the following day. Therefore, during the night you should sleep with your head slightly elevated so as not to encourage more swelling. In the case of extreme swelling, prescription medication can be taken to reduce the swelling quicker.

Shape and contour – heart, cherry, cupids bow, corners

Natural looking lips have given features which could be altered with lip injections – and not necessarily to their advantage. The desire to emphasis certain features in connection with a lip augmentation is not often achievable. By repeatedly trying to emphasis the contour the natural form of the lips could be ruined. Creases could form along the lip contour through tightening the connective tissue. This can be often seen on over-injected over-sized lips. Hence, remodeling should be reserved to the experienced doctor who would visually explain the effect of a lip augmentation with a gel-formed substance to the patient. The natural form of the lips should be preserved as long as possible – also because fashion trends change.

Lip injections with Botox®?

There is no such thing as a lip augmentation with Botox®. This is a frequent misconception! Botulinum toxin is a muscle relaxant and not a filler. Being the muscles around the lips are very fine and sensitive every restriction of mobility would have an especially disruptive impact. To perform lip injections we need a highly tolerated filler. That would be hyaluronic acid and not botulinum toxin. However, wrinkles along the white of the lip contour can be minimized with small amounts of botulinum toxin.

Natural lip augmentation

When the lips are small by nature or have shrunk with age, they do not comply to an ideal conception of beauty. Generally, a natural lip augmentation can be easily performed risk-free with hyaluronic acid-based gel. The experienced doctor is obliged to carry out the lip augmentation or modeling relatively pain-free with hyaluronic acid-based fillers after a local anesthesia has been administered in the moist inside area of the lips.

What does a lip augmentation cost? How expensive are lip injections?

The cost of a lip augmentation vary according to the filler material (hyaluronic acid-based gel), the product used and the doctor’s experience. A lip augmentation should not be solely determined by the price. Special attention should be given to professional execution by experienced and specialized doctors in Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt or Cologne. Price of a cosmetic lip augmentation: We charge ca. 395 Euro* including tax when using one milliliter of Juvederm Smile®, Juvederm 3® or Juvederm 4®, Restylane Kysse® or Perlane/Restylane lyft®.

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The Faceshop offices in Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt and Cologne are independent from one another. Doctors and team are individual and local. The offices cooperate with mutual exchange of experience.

Hyaluronic acid - based fillers

There are high quality hyaluronic acid-based fillers for plumping lips that have a long and individual lasting effect. We use Restylane® and also Juvederm® products regularly for lip injections. In Berlin, Frankfurt and Cologne we always have fillers for aesthetic injections available.

*The price is individual and according to the GOÄ.

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