Prices for a botulinum toxin treatment

How expensive is a botulinum toxin treatment?

An overview of prices for a botox treatment

Botox 'S' price

Region / ZoneGOÄ price
eye browsfrom 230 Euro*
crow's feetfrom 230 Euro*
mouth areafrom 230 Euro*
forehead wrinklesfrom 230 Euro*
frown linesfrom 230 Euro*

*Individual treatment costs according to the fee for medical doctors (GOÄ). Every facial zone can be treated with “Botox S” and with this small dose even two or three zones. A small botox costs approximately 193,20 Euro excluding tax. In combination with further regions/zones the price of a Botox treatment becomes more favorable with reference to the dosage of units.

Botox 'M' price

Region / ZoneGOÄ price
forehead & frown linesfrom 340 Euro*
frown lines & crow's feetfrom 340 Euro*
crow's feet & mouth areafrom 340 Euro*
neck, platysmafrom 340 Euro*
masticatory muscle (M. masseter)from 340 Euro*

*Individual treatment costs according to the fee for medical doctors (GOÄ). The maximum dosis for the medium Botox® can also be distributed over three regions. The cost will be determined based on the amount of the relatively expensive preparation used and the work/effort necessary. For a Botox® treatment with approximately 30 units of botulinum toxin (“Botox® M”) we charge 285,60 Euro excluding tax.

Botox 'L' price

Region / ZoneGOÄ Preis
face, completefrom 450 Euro
forehead, frown lines & crow's feet450 Euro
underarms for hyperhidrosisfrom 600 Euro

*Individual treatment costs according to the fee for medical doctors (GOÄ). With the large Botox® and the amount of up to 50 units, it is also possible to treat the lower face and neck. Invoicing is according to the GOÄ and includes 19% value added tax. This price includes the doctor’s consultation, the necessary mimic examination and a follow-up after 14 days.

You will find our prices for hyaluronic acid-based filler.

Botox prices
An injection treatment with botulinum toxin to smoothen the skin and prevent wrinkles can be performed on the above-mentioned regions/zones. The price for a Botox® treatment is made public on only very few physicians’ websites. Thereby the price for the preparation itself (Botox®, Azzalure, Bocouture, Vistabel) is well known and can be accessed at any given pharmacy. Several years ago it was illegal to publish the price of treatment, e.g. wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin. Information regarding costs and prices is allowed. It is important to note that the cost of treatment is individual and regulated by the fees for medical doctors (GOÄ).

Botox – Flatrate

We do not offer a Botox® flatrate. Flatrates suggests any number of frequent Botox® treatments. While flatrates maybe useful, this is not the case with Botox® because it is viably and medically restricted, making any number of frequent repeat treatments impossible. Too frequent treatments can lead to the development of antibodies to the botulinum protein. Such flatrates are used as bait to illusory attractive offers. This has nothing to do with the seriousness of a doctor’s services. We do not offer flatrates but fairly individually priced Botox® treatments. The indicated prices apply at our branches in Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Constance.

Botox with Groupon – Special offers

Special offers are made by doctors imploringly looking for patients for Botox® treatments. A good doctor does not have a lack of patients. Specials on Groupon or Citydeal that offer extremely cheap treatments, e.g. for lip augmentations or wrinkle treatments, are not in accordance with the Medical Association’s Professional Code of Conduct. It can therefore be assumed that the vendors of such cheap treatments cannot cover their costs with such prices (half of the Groupon certificate goes to Groupon) and thus must save costs. This could be done with the treatment of or also with the material itself. Such specials may be cheap, but not inexpensive, regarding prices or services.

Groupon patients often seek our help for a correction treatment after an inexpensive lip augmentation. In such cases, we require very little material or may even have to dissolve the hyaluronic acid-based gel used. Therefor, we charge our regular Faceshop prices for treatment. Those comparing prices in Berlin, Frankfurt or Cologne know what a lip augmentation costs and do not hunt for bargains. Groupon often offers botulin at 10 units for 99 Euro. This is the normal price of treatment and not a bargain.

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