Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic gel against wrinkles

Faltenunterspritzung mit HyaluronsäureThe treatment of fine lines and wrinkles with highly stable hyaluronic acid-based gel is the gold standard of wrinkle correction and the most common volume treatment for filling facial wrinkles. This treatment lifts your deeper wrinkles towards the level of your skin, thereby lessening its depth. The added volume then stabilizes the skin. To improve skin quality, fine lines can be either diminished with a skin rejuvenation conditioner or through volumizing facial modeling. Depending on the treatment, your skin will need some time to recuperate afterwards. But, one is normally socially presentable afterwards. Your face will look softer immediately after a wrinkle treatment. The altered wrinkle in detail – apart from the positive facial expression – will go unnoticed by others.

Wrinkle treatment – caring for and maintaining esthetics.

What happens during a wrinkle treatment?

Planning and consultation

First of all, the experienced physician will survey the actual condition of your skin. Regions that bother you the most, are evaluated objectively and according to appearance and treatment possibilities. You may mention small, subtle wrinkled areas that are not (yet) considered suitable for treatment and not objectively perceive other areas or wrinkles more suitable for treatment, that when treated, have a greater positive effect to your appearance. Our physicians are your esthetics counselor. You will be discouraged from desired treatment that objectively may bring esthetic disadvantages or if their expense outweigh the benefits. We will evaluate a plan of treatment so that you are also informed of the suggested follow-up treatments prior to initial treatment.

Treatment time: 20 min
Hospital stay:ambulatory
Follow-up treatment:eventually cooling
No Exercise or sports:one day
Fee according to GOÄ:From 395 €

Acetylsalicylic acid and vitamin C should be avoided 10 days prior to treatment to achieve optimal conditions for successful treatment. A prescribed anticoagulants should be mentioned beforehand so that we may take this into consideration. Please inform our physicians of any prior treatments or allergies. Also if you have a tendency of collapsing and/or an increased susceptibility to herpes.

Preparing for treatments

We will thoroughly clean and disinfect your skin. Your sitting position in our patient chair should be comfortable. Wrinkle treatment while lying, which is often done by semi-professionals, is not advisable for treatment with hyaluronic acid-based gel. It is especially important when working with stabilized hyaluronic acid-based gel for volume treatment to have your head in an upright position. Before and after pictures are taken to document the diagnosis and the treatment. These pictures also help the patient to assess the outcome.

Anesthesia prior to treatment

So that treatment can be performed relatively pain free we will use an anesthesia . We use a local injectable anesthesia. But for some treatments, an anesthetic ointment is sufficient. We will evaluate the use of anesthesia according to your individual pain threshold.

The injection – micro injections

Your prepared and anesthetized skin will be injected with hyaluronic acid-based gel through a very fine cannula. For every facial region and every wrinkle the appropriate hyaluronic acid product, and the thickness, length and cutting of the injection cannula are tailored to your needs, taking into consideration the amount of hyaluronic acid-based gel that is required and the necessary depth of the injection. Our specialized Faceshop physicians use varying hyaluronic acid-based gel products, with varying consistencies and structures, together with varying cannulae to be able to place the injection at varying depths. The actual treatment usually takes no longer than ten minutes.

Post treatment – conduct and tips

It is sensible to apply gentle compression immediately after treatment to stop any small bleedings and to avoid bruising. You should refrain from using your own make-up for at least two hours after treatment. However, our assistants can apply a post operative cover-up if you wish. If necessary, you can lightly cool the affected area with a damp cloth the same evening. Pain medication is normally not necessary. Please ask our physicians for their recommendations. We also recommend avoiding sunbathing, saunas and tanning beds for one week after treatment to enable the filler to reach its full potential.

Durability and follow-up treatment

The positive results will last anywhere from several weeks to up to one year, depending on the product and amount used, and your lifestyle. Even a one time treatment normally generates a small tissue plumbing effect for the rest of your life. To achieve long-term improvement, it is advisable to have a follow-up treatment approximately three months after the first, and thereafter two times a year on average to ensure positive results and/or discuss possible follow-up treatments.

Price for hyaluronic acid-based gel treatments

The price is fixed according to the (GOÄ for medical fees). The price includes consultation, treatment and material costs. The proportion of cost for hyaluronic acid-based gel is substantial. The treatment itself co-relates with the amount of material used. For an overview of the prices for hyaluronic acid-based gel treatment please follow this link. Prices start at 295€ including tax.


Side-effects are generally small and seldom. However, you will be adequately informed of all possible risks and side-effects. Here you will find the typical side-effects of a hyaluronic acid-based gel treatment.

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