Facial slimming with Botox

Facial slimming

Weakening the chewing muscles gives the face a slimmer appearance.

Treating the musculus masseter with botulinum toxin is done for the following reasons:

Facial slimming

To slim the face without an operation, strongly developed chewing muscles (masseters) can be weakened long term with botulinum toxin. By medically restraining the masseters, they atrophy and appear thinner. This results in the intended facial slimming, especially in the area of the lower jaw. The Botox effect begins approximately after one week and is complete after 14 days. However, one must be patient for approximately four weeks to see a decrease in the masseter thickness.

Fat or muscle? Lipolysis or Botox?

Is the cause of a perceived wide or fat face excessive cheek fat rather than strong masseters, then a lipolysis treatment (fat-away-injection) is the preferable treatment. In contrast to treating the masseters with Botox, fat reduction through lipolysis is a permanent thinning of the fat in the lower cheek and jaw area. An indistinct lower jawline appears firmer by reducing sagging cheeks.

Optical tricks for a slimmer face

A face with little fat, that seems too thick in the cheek, can appear slimmer by augmenting (enlarging) the upper mid-face along the cheekbone. In other words, emphasizing the malar or cheekbone on some face shapes, can lead to a slimmer look. This effect is not achieved with Botox but rather by tissue augmentation with hyaluronic acid-based fillers, for example.

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Mit Botulinum kann man das Gesicht verschmälern.

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