Forehead wrinkles / worry lines (Botox / hyaluronic acid-based fillers)

Forehead wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin

Forehead wrinkles are worry lines

Can I get rid of forehead wrinkles?

The forehead can definitely be smoothened out. Basically, the longer and deeper the horizontal forehead wrinkles or worry lines are, the longer it takes to smooth them out. If you are inclined to forehead wrinkles, the earlier – or even better yet - a prophylactic wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin is suggested.

Forehead wrinkles: Botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid-based filler?

The most impressive results can be achieved with botulinum toxin. Relaxing the forehead muscles (musculus frontalis) and reducing their strength smooths out the forehead. Over time, the forehead muscles become weaker and the patient then learns to reduce exaggerated mimicry without looking “stiff.” The eyebrows may subtly sink somewhat. This is an unwanted effect which is dependent on the dose and application of the botulinum toxin. However, an experienced practitioner would achieve the most satisfying results.

Length of procedure:15 minutes
Hospital stay:ambulatory
Follow-up treatment:-
No exercise or sports:one day
Fee according to GOÄ:from 230€

Very deep forehead wrinkles can additionally be padded with hyaluronic acid-based filler smoothing out the volume defect directly under the horizontal wrinkle. Treating such wrinkles with hyaluronic acid-based filler only, is rather frustrating and not always advised. A flat injection with a dull needle to the forehead leads to youthful skin volume and is particularly effective on thin skin.

Complications after a forehead treatment with botulinum toxin

Forehead wrinkles / worry lines

At the first treatment of botulinum toxin an individual treatment regime including the exact dosage has to be established. Treatment with a too low dosage will leave too many wrinkles and a strong facial expression behind. Treatment with a too high dosage will cause an uncomfortable stiff feeling and possible pressure on the eyelids resulting from sunken eyebrows. Remedy for this complication is difficult but not impossible. General side-effects of a botulinum toxin treatment is described here.

How long do the forehead wrinkles remain smooth with botulinum toxin?

The lasting effects of a botulinum toxin treatment depends on the amount injected and the patient’s mimicry. The suggested treatment intervals at the beginning range from two and four, and later between four and six months.

How much does a forehead botulinum toxin treatment cost?

Information regarding the price of botulinum toxin treatments to the forehead can be found here. Treating only the forehead costs approximately 230 Euro * including VAT. For sunken eyebrows or droopy eyelids the treatment can be carried out in combination with treating crow’s feet costing approximately 340 Euro*.
*Price is individual and according to GOÄ.

Do forehead wrinkles immediately disappear after a Botox treatment?

No they do not. The botulinum toxin takes effect within a few days. The forehead will then slowly start to smooth out. Deep wrinkles that have been present for several years need longer to smoothen out or will remain as fine lines on the skin’s surface. Sometimes an additional padding skin booster may be needed to achieve the desired effect.

Are the wrinkles then gone forever?

No they are not. Botulinum toxin is only temporary. After three to six months on average the increasingly stronger forehead muscles will completely regain their full strength. The wrinkles will become visible again if the patient has not learned to reduce furrowing one’s brow.

Can I still feel pain and temperature after treatment or will my forehead be numb?

Apart from the fact that you will not be able to move your forehead very much, meaning furrowing one’s brow and even maybe sweat less, you will not notice any other difference. Pain, pressure and temperature will all be felt just as before treatment.

Will my forehead wrinkles look dented or bumpy after treatment?

For others the Botox treatment will go unnoticed. It is possible however, that small welts or redness will appear for up to 15 minutes after treatment. Hyaluronic acid-based filler treatments generally cause more minor wounds than Botox.

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